Lunchtime Groups

Lunchtime groups run regularly at all three High Schools. They exist to provide further opportunity for students to learn about Jesus, ask questions, and build meaningful relationships. See below reports from the lunchtime group coordinators.

Corrimal High lunch group meets on Tuesday in the Library.

Corrimal High meets in the library each Tuesday lunchtime. It is run by Nathan Zorn, the previous SRE teacher at CHS.

Woonona High lunch time group meets on in the Drama Room

The lunch time Christian group at Woonona High School is called FROG – Fully Relying On God. We meet in the drama room, eat some food, play a short game, read the bible and discuss the passage, and pray together. At present we are working our way through Colossians. At present, if everyone came there would be around 15 students, most of whom are from year 7, and many of whom are non-believers. There are three year 12 girls who have been helping out organising games and activities. I would like to encourage the senior students to take responsibility for leading the group in the future. At present the staff or helpers involved are Rowen Keyzer and myself.

Please pray for new students to come along.
Pray for a willingness for believing students to be identified as Christians.
Pray for non-believing students to come to know Jesus as their saviour.
Pray for student leaders to step into leadership positions in the group.
Thanks for your prayers,