SRE at Corrimal High School:

My name is Clara Saddi and I joined the Scripture Board at the beginning of 2018.

I’m really excited to be teaching SRE, and feel very privileged to be bringing the Word of God into our local High Schools. Along with many of you I’m sure, I can remember how the teenage years were so formative in our lives. It’s when we began to ask the bigger questions, made our own decisions about what we believed to be truth or lies, navigated numerous (and often embarrassing) physical changes, established our identity and took steps towards the course of life we decided upon. To be able to provide students with a space within which they can ask these questions, find a framework to make sense of the world, and teach them how to read and understand the Bible is invaluable!

I thank all of you for supporting the work of scripture, and honour you for investing
into the lives of the next generation. We love seeing your smiling faces at our fundraiser and other events we hold throughout the year. Your ongoing prayer would be much appreciated. 


Corrimal High lunch time group meets on – TBA