SRE at Bulli High School:

Tanja French

Tanja French is the SRE coordinator for Bulli High. She has a ministry and teaching background and says SRE is a dream job, as she is able to combine her passion for Jesus and teaching. She is joined by a team of volunteers. Together they teach classes weekly to years 7-10, and run annual seminars for years 11-12. Tanja loves that students have great questions, and says it is a privilege to teach and model who Jesus is, and how to live out the Christian faith.

Bulli High School Christian lunchtime group meets Tuesday’s second part of lunch 1 in room 12. Students have permission note from their parents, a supervising teacher and a Scripture teacher present to facilitate them getting together to chat, read the Bible and pray. We are registered with Scripture Union NSW which is approved by the department of education.