What We Do

Our Mission is…
“To provide joint-denominational Christian SRE and ministry in State High Schools in the local Bulli, Woonona and Corrimal area, under the oversight of the ministers of the ‘Affiliate Churches’ belonging to the Northern Illawarra Ministers Fellowship [in line with the Statement of Faith].”

We employ teachers to teach & co-ordinate volunteers for SRE at Bulli, Corrimal and Woonona High Schools.

What do SRE Teachers do?
Special Religious Education (SRE) Teachers….

  • Engage students through regular Scripture classes by teaching them the word of God
  • Enable students to learn and respond to the message of the Bible
  • Encourage and challenge Christian students to grow in their faith
  • Give opportunities for students to raise questions regarding faith, values and world views
  • Encourage relationships between students and their own local churches and youth groups
  • Offer pastoral support
  • Support Christian lunchtime groups
  • Coordinate Scripture seminars

All employees and volunteers have received the relevant “child protection” training.

We encourage our members to participate in projects run by the school during the year – e.g painting, gardening and maintenance.